Long-term legacy of exchange

Going on exchange can be a profound experience for the whole family, not just the teacher concerned.

St Edward's College, East Gosford teacher and IEU executive member Luke Wilmott went on exchange to Germany in 2001/2, and said the legacy has been influencing his family, especially his children, ever since.

“Thirteen years on, the exchange is still affecting my children in a way I could never have predicted,” Luke said.

His daughter now lives in England after studying International Relations at university. Luke thinks her subject choice was influenced by her European experience.

His son also studied International Relations and German at university.

“My kids feel real connections with the wider world. It was a great experience for them.”

Luke said anyone contemplating exchange should take the plunge and not make excuses for themselves.

“Even if your kids are in Year 11 do it, it’s a worthwhile experience.

“For me personally it was a great being in a different place and I learnt a lot about focusing on the curriculum.”

The Association of German International Schools would be pleased to advertise for any interested teachers wishing to exchange to an international school in Germany.