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Conditionally accredited crunch time

NESA will be following up all conditionally accredited teachers to ensure they complete their academic and proficient teacher requirements within their allocated time frame.

While there was considerable flexibility around accreditation processes during the COVID-19 pandemic, this grace period is coming to an end.

If you are conditionally accredited and there is a chance you might not complete your study and professional obligations within the time frame, we urge you to contact your organiser immediately.

If you are a supervisor or mentor for a conditionally accredited teacher, you should be working closely with them to ensure they can meet their commitments. Contact the professional engagement team for support if you need it.

Professional development

The IEU offers a suite of NESA and TQI accredited behaviour management and difficult conversation courses presented by the highly regarded Dave Vinegrad.

The courses are a fantastic resource for beginning teachers and a valuable refresher for more experienced members.

NESA and TQI accredited courses running in Semester 2 are:

5 August
Managing and responding to extreme
behaviours (6pm–8pm)

26 August
Managing difficult conversations (6pm-8pm)

9 September
Behaviour management Getting it right (6pm-8pm)

16 September
Behaviour management Keeping it right (6pm-8pm)

21 October
Behaviour management Making it right (6pm-8pm)

11 November
Behaviour management Upholding the right (6pm-8pm)

25 November
Thriving and surviving for casual teachers (6pm-8pm)* *TQI accredited only

Accredited PD is FREE for members, but registration is required. Register through our website: