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If you are an early childhood education and care (ECEC) member, you should have received the second Bedrock magazine for 2024 with this edition of Newsmonth.

Inside we outline the industrial reforms introduced by the Labor government that should have positive benefits in highly feminised sectors such as yours. Taking advantage of these reforms, the IEU is seeking significant pay rises for teachers in community-based preschools in NSW, with its new campaign Unite for Change.

We also visit Blaxland Preschool, a unique centre. Nothing stops the teacheres and students getting out into the bush.

Does too much screen time limit a child’s language development? According to new research, it does. We explain more in this issue.

With the current workforce shortage, getting more men to work in the early childhood sector seems like an obvious answer. But how can this be achieved?

There are lots of other wonderful reads on topics such as communication tips and wellness in the workplace to explore.

We hope you enjoy it.