Unionists unite for May Day

Marching in Newcastle

The IEU marches in Newcastle for May Day on Sunday 5 May

From Newcastle to Wollongong, Sydney and Canberra, IEU members attended May Day events to celebrate the achievements of the union movement in Australia and around the world.

In Sydney, the IEU gathered in Belmore Park near Central before marching alongside thousands of unionists through the bustling city streets and on to Hyde Park.

The chants were loud, with calls for NSW to pass industrial manslaughter laws (see p 15), a strong theme from the unionists leading the rally. “Kill a worker, go to jail!”

Not even driving rain could dampen the sound of union power ringing through the streets of Newcastle at the 2024 May Day parade. Unionists and their families chose to hold union banners rather than umbrellas, demonstrating their commitment to the movement’s proud history.

The IEU joined the march from the Newcastle Museum to the Train Sheds where speeches again called for the NSW government to pass industrial manslaughter laws.

May Day recognises the history of working people organising and fighting to achieve a better way of life, decent pay and working conditions.

It’s also a timely reminder for all of us about the need to continue fighting for a society that meets the needs of all working people. We are always stronger together.

IEU members gather for the Sydney May Day march

Marching in Sydney

Workers gather for speeches in Hyde Park, Sydney, after the May Day march on Wednesday 1 May

Katie Camarena