Game changer: Victorian preschool teachers set a precedent

Conditions in the Victorian Early Childhood Teachers and Educators Agreement 2020:

  • Pay parity with teachers in schools
  • Maximum teaching time: 25.5 hours per week
  • Minimum planning time: 12.5 hours per week
  • Paid term holidays: 50 days annual leave
  • Time for educational leader and/or nominated supervisor: 1 hour per week
  • Organisational days: 3 days
  • Professional development days: 2 days paid
  • Time for mentors: 4 days
  • Personal leave: 15 days upon commencement
  • Family and domestic violence leave: 20 days paid leave
  • Family leave: 16 weeks and 4 weeks for secondary carer
  • Employee assistance program
  • Any required paid out-of-hours work to be by agreement, with 14-day written notice period
  • Union training leave: up to 5 days per year.