Editorial: Early childhood back where it belongs

Welcome to the October edition of Bedrock. This edition features stories based on presentations from the NSW ACT IEU Early Childhood Conference held in August, as well as contributions from the Queensland and Northern Territory branch.

The theme of the conference was ‘empowered and engaged’ and its many speakers addressed the need for greater acknowledgment and support for early childhood education and its teachers.

The IEU has welcomed the announcement by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that early childhood education will be moved back into the education department, rather than being part of the social services ministry.

This acknowledgment of the professionalism and importance of early childhood teachers at a federal level provides more strength to the campaign for pay equity for the early childhood sector.

The imminent inclusion of early childhood teachers into the same accreditation system as applies to school teachers in NSW, and has applied in Queensland for decades, is another step in the right direction. The announcement of pay parity with school teachers for early childhood teachers in Victoria is great news too. We explore all these issues as well as access to professional development in this edition.

The need to keep fighting for early childhood education is exemplified by coverage from the Northern Territory, where crucial and successful services for indigenous children are under threat.

The branch also explores the ultimate goal, free preschool education, which is accepted and available in some countries, such as the UK.

We hope you are inspired to keep up the good fight by this edition and we welcome your comments: email bedrock@ieu.nsw.asn.au or comment on Facebook: Facebook/ieunswact