Membership news

We’ve made it to Term 4 and holidays are on the horizon, but before you say goodbye to us and the 2022 working year, we’d love to hear if there are changes to your membership details in 2023.

We emailed all current members a renewal notice on 24 November. This was sent as a bulk email so if it’s not in your inbox please check your junk mail. If we didn’t have an email address for you, we will send the renewal to your home address in December.

The renewal shows the information we currently hold for you. If these details no longer apply in 2023, we need to know, as your employer will not advise us.

If the changes below apply to you in 2023, please let us know via the renewal notice, email or phone us direct on 8202 8900 – press 1.

Automatic payment options (automatic credit card, direct debit, payroll deductions) will continue in 2023 unless you advise us. If you are an automatic payer and there are no changes for 2023 you do not need to do anything.

I would like to pay the annual discount rate in 2023

If your payment method is automatic (automatic credit card/direct debit) and set for yearly payments, this rate will be processed automatically on 31 January 2023.

Non-automated payers need to return the renewal by 6 February 2023 to pay the discount rate. Note: If you paid via payroll deductions in 2022, you need to advise your payroll office that you wish to cease deductions.

My name and/or address details are incorrect

Return the renewal or email to advise

I want to change my payment method in 2023

Update via the renewal or email

I’m taking parental leave, long service leave or leave without pay in 2023

Ensure you have the right coverage level, submit the renewal or email

We do offer discounted rates when taking leave.

I will retire in 2023

Update via the renewal or email If you are working casually, we offer a casual rate. If you want to close your membership, we need this in writing so please email us.

My workload will change in 2023

Whether you’re increasing or decreasing your hours, please let us know so that you have appropriate cover and are not overpaying.

I’m at a new workplace in 2023

Congratulations on your new appointment – please let us know your new details so we can update our records. If you’re paying via employer deductions payment is not automatically portable.

I’m leaving the education sector in 2023

If you wish to end your membership, please email We cannot close your record without written notice.

Thank you for your support and best wishes for a safe and restful break.

The membership team