IEU supports resource to prevent hazards at work

In February IEU Secretary Mark Northam and ACT IEU organisers were invited to a briefing conducted by ACT WHS Commissioner Jacqueline Agius.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform and seek IEU support in the promotion of Australia’s only validated psychosocial risk assessment survey, People at Work.

Funded by Australia's work health and safety regulators and developed in collaboration with leading researchers, People at Work helps identify key psychosocial hazards in businesses across Australia and provides guidance on practical ways to manage them.

The risk assessment tool furnishes a five-year tenure and is free to every employer with more than 20 employees.

It is a five-step process that businesses can use to identify, assess and control risks to psychosocial health at work. Historically, when addressing psychosocial risk, the approach has been narrowed, focusing on harassment and bullying.

The tool encompasses assessment of other risk factors such as fatigue, workload and workplace stress.

Engaging in the survey provides the employer with an opportunity to tailor the questions to their particular industry. The ensuing report gives de-identified information and a comprehensive risk assessment, so employers can act based on the survey results .

On the completion of the survey, workplaces will receive a report that compares their business results against a benchmark of similar Australian industries.