Be a climate activist

This late spring and summer season have seen challenges we have never thought would come our way. The sound of sirens continues to alert our senses to danger, as does that red glow in the sky, dust clouds, strong erratic winds and the sight and smell of smoke.

The dark clouds do not offer any relief, as they rarely contain rain, but dry thunderstorms or hail. The impact of these fires and weather events has been catastrophic. Yet, out of such challenging times the spirit of Australians has shone. Forever in our hearts will be those who lost their lives defending people’s lives (often strangers), their homes and our communities. Heartfelt thanks to them is insufficient!

To those who have lost their homes, whether owning or renting, it is unimaginable to comprehend the trauma you are going through. The Federal Government has created a Bushfire Recovery Access Program, which can be accessed for immediate and ongoing free counselling and support to families, individuals and emergency workers.

On behalf of the IEU school support staff and teaching staff we would like to extend our immeasurable gratitude towards our brave volunteers, especially the RFS, of which we are proud to say includes many IEU members. Of course, thanks to the many organisations and individuals, who have reached deep, to support struggling communities, not just financially, but by giving their time and energy. Kudos to social media and local media for keeping us updated and informed.

Unions are at the frontline, supporting members who have lost their livelihood because of the fires. Local dioceses and school systems are proving to be proactive with issuing bushfire tool kits and advice to assist parents and students. It is remarkable how the whole community has rallied together.

Our country cannot take any more blows like this, especially on top of the drought. Even though we have squandered decades of opportunities for change, hopefully it is not too late. Please take the time to write to our elected members stating your concerns. We need to come together and call out climate criminals.

How can we accept future generations knowing our remarkable animals only through books? With over a billion animals destroyed, recovery may be impossible.
Be kind to yourself, stay safe and become a climate activist. It is the only planet we have!

Carolyn Collins
Vice President Support Staff