Student's plea for climate action

India Pardoel’s passionate plea for climate action was met with a standing ovation when she addressed IEU Council on 17 August.

India, 16, a Year 11 student at Sydney International Grammar School, is a mover and shaker in the SS4C (Student Strike for Climate) movement and she addressed Council to call for support for the strike on 20 September.

She outlined a number of negative consequences of climate change, including the UN’s prediction that by 2050 the earth will experience three days of lethal heat every year.

India first became involved in the movement with the encouragement of her Geography teacher Carmelo Fedele, who just happens to be an IEU activist.

He encouraged her to get in touch with the IEU and she has subsequently taken her message to the wider union movement.

“We understand this will be working class movement with working people at the forefront of the transition,” India said.

“We understand the unions are hampered by unfair and unjust industrial laws which limit the right to strike, and that IEU members can’t join us on strike on the day.”

India thanked the IEU for allowing her the opportunity to address Council and for supporting a motion to show solidarity with students on 20 September (see Gloria Taylor’s article for more details).

“Teachers are well positioned to be involved as their students are directly impacted by climate change,’ India said.