Exciting times ahead

These are exciting times for early childhood teachers. The IEUA’s Equal Remuneration Orders (ERO) and concurrent work values cases are due to resume in June, with a new approach offering more hope that teachers, especially in NSW/ACT, will finally be paid what they deserve.

Initially the IEUA NSW/ACT approached the Fair Work Commission to argue that rates of pay are too low for early childhood teachers because they are mostly women, but the commission suggested that the rates of pay in the Educational Services (Teachers) Award 2010 may be set too low for the value of the work being performed. So the Union has made an application to increase these rates and to run this case concurrently with the equal pay case.

This provides the IEUA NSW/ACT with another opportunity to argue that early childhood teachers’ pay should be fairer and more relevant, regardless of the education sector they are employed in. We hope the case, set down to be heard between June and August, will have a positive and timely outcome.

Politicians of course, play a crucial role in supporting our profession, and on page six we hear from both major parties about what they have lined up for our sector federally. Hear from your own colleagues on the IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Early Childhood Council dealing with the challenges of limited state government funding.

Find professional learning about dealing with children with callous traits and about how to get involved with research at your service.

Explore the development of the brain in early childhood with Professor Stuart Shanker and – very topical right now – look at how you can help reduce gender based violence .

We hope you enjoy this edition of Bedrock and as always welcome your feedback: bedrock@ieu.asn.au

Terry Burke
QLD NT Secretary

John Quessy
NSW ACT Secretary