I’m a teacher: Ask me anything

In collaboration with the UTS Education Society, IEUA NSW/ACT recently held an ‘I’m a teacher: ask me anything’ event for preservice teachers in Ultimo. The event, which was inspired by the well known forums on Reddit, allowed preservice teachers to ask currently serving teachers all kinds of questions about working in the non government sector.

The event was attended by a range of preservice teachers from UTS, UNSW and Sydney University. Most were in the final year of their studies, with a number about to start casual teaching in the next month or so.

The panelists were drawn from a range of different schools and differing levels of experience. There were both primary and secondary representatives, as well as teachers who were working in Catholic systemic schools and independent schools. Some panelists were also able to draw on their experience working in public schools and in international arenas.

“I think it’s a really important part of our profession, to be able to give back and help the next cohort of teachers find their way into schools,” Marco Cimino, from Magdalene Catholic High School, said.

IEU Organiser Lubna Haddad, who helped to arrange the event, said: “These events are great for students because they can ask all the tricky questions that often seem trivial but are actually really important.”

The questions were wide ranging, and included topics such as teachers using social media, dealing with challenging or difficult parents, getting a permanent position at a school, navigating staff room politics and meeting the needs of all learners in mixed ability settings.

This is the first of a number of upcoming events with student education societies, including a session on Flipping the System and a special presentation on accreditation for young teachers.

A special thanks to the panelists: Marco Cimino, Phoebe Craddock-Lovett, Patrick De Vuono, Sheena Nadan, Jenn Pham and Nicholas Stevens.