Union seeks clarity on deductions

The IEU has been advocating for members in Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) following deductions from their leave loading after they took stop work action.

Members employed by SCS cannot rely on their pay office getting it right and need to check their pay slips for the holiday period.

At the end of 2017, an eagle eyed member working for SCS noticed leave loading had been deducted from his pay (payslip of 15 December). When he enquired, he was told it was because he had taken part in stop work action.

The member called the Union. Initially when contacted, SCS confirmed that it was a mistake but assured the Union only one member was affected. On investigation however, the Union discovered many other members had also had this illegal deduction applied.

The Union again contacted SCS and was guaranteed a complete audit would be conducted and the matter rectified. It would appear that over 200 employees had been incorrectly ‘docked’.

Members were subsequently reimbursed in the payment made on 9 February 2018 but many appear to have been underpaid.

One member, for example, was docked $29.55 but only reimbursed $7.48. The Union has again contacted SCS who have said they will talk to the PHRIS team.

The IEU is disappointed by the level of transparency displayed by SCS. Members employed by SCS need to carefully check their payslips to see if any deduction was re-credited.

Thanks to members and IEU follow up, we now believe the problem is moving to resolution.

If you find a discrepancy, contact Sydney Catholic Schools. Contact your Union organiser if the problem is not resolved.