Dedicated rep works for those that go above and beyond every day

Maintaining standards in the teaching profession includes making sure teachers and support staff are treated fairly every day, IEU Rep Christine Korompay said.

Korompay has nearly 30 years’ experience as a teacher, with the last 14 spent at Northholm Grammar School, Galston, initially as a middle school teacher, but more recently as a secondary Maths teacher and Head of Patteson House, a pastoral role.

In her pastoral role Korompay has introduced a number of antibullying and welfare programs to the school, and she sees a lot of synergy with her role as IEU rep.

“As someone who has been in teaching a while, people naturally come to me for advice, and becoming an IEU rep just seemed like a natural progression of that,” Korompay said.

“Maintaining high standards in the way teachers and support staff are treated keeps high standards in education overall.

“It’s a human profession and I believe the welfare of students is important, but so is the welfare of staff.”

She said understanding the human element in everything helps with communication with both students and her colleagues.

“I just keep listening and learning,” she said.

Korompay approaches any new member of staff to have a discussion about joining the Union: “I just tell them the Union is a wonderful team to have on your side”.

“There may be an occasion that you need some help and there’s a strong team of people who are very knowledgeable about your MEA and can help even with queries about things like maternity leave and long service leave.”

She said over the years she has seen the pressures on teachers increasing, with more time spent counselling students.

“Teachers teach the whole child as well as facilitate students’ learning, which is a constantly shifting challenge for all of us.”

“That’s become more difficult over time and the Union’s role in maintaining the status of teachers and making sure they are rewarded accordingly, because they put in above and beyond on a daily basis, is crucial.”