Mysterious Miss M

Miss M is connecting teachers all over the world with practical tips and ideas on everything from decorating classrooms to reasonably priced outfits to wear in school and craft ideas for students.

Miss M’s lively and colourful Instagram page has 14,000 followers from all over Australia and overseas who love to share her ideas and add some of their own.

“I think teachers like to see what others are up to. Sometimes you can get caught up in your own school and classroom and it’s nice to see what else is going on,” Miss M said.

“Teachers might not feel comfortable talking to colleagues about something so this is another outlet where they can feel ‘it’s not just me’ and connect with a community.”

An active IEU member, Miss M sometimes posts about the Union, and her Instagram page helps build a feeling of community among teachers.

Aware of her own security, Miss M likes to remain anonymous.

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