2015 February Newsmonth

How high do I jump?

First Class

Waiting for some good news

Once again we find ourselves asking: ‘Where have the past five weeks gone’?

Preparing for universal accreditation

The year ahead looks like another busy and challenging one for IEU principal members...

Still standing up for ourselves

We look forward to it being a productive year professionally, personally and of course industrially.

Penrith Women’s Forum highlights key equity issues

Some western Sydney members were privileged to hear local solicitor and NSW Law Society President Ros Everett

Present tense

Welcome back to another year of Present Tense, your window into the ELICOS and private college sector.

Keynote speakers for Securing Our Future Conference

Professor Peter Hudson (QUT) and Dr Suzanne Hudson (SCU)

How high do I jump

A Standard is a standard, not a statement of negotiable worth.