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Post: “From today, teachers face two years gaol if they as much as express concern or speak up about students they are teaching in detention centres," said IEU General Secretary John Quessy.

Selection of comments:
Mariane: I am speechless. Probably just as well or I could be facing criminal charges!
Maree: So much for mandatory reporting.
Sue: What a disgrace . . . shame on the Government!

Jenny: Disgusting and SO unbelievable it's scary
Stephen: Doesn't seem right to me.

Gee: How is this stuff allowed to go on our government is a joke.
Kim: I would end up arrested then. Have they not read the declaration of human rights! What are we teaching our own children! What a disgrace!
Joanne: So so terribly wrong. We lament that institutional abuse occurred in the past but do nothing about preventing it from happening in the present. Children need to be protected now!
Jim: How does a law like this get passed in our country with no public debate? Our major parties have abandoned their duty as legislators in a modern, moral state. As for our media...
Rachael: So let me get this right... As mandated reporters in the ACT if teachers don't report concerns of harm or abuse of students they come into contact with in ACT schools they can be prosecuted... But if they DO report or even talk about concerns of harm and abuse of children in detention they will be prosecuted.... Why do Australian children's safety and wellbeing mean more than these children? This is horrendous and makes me embarrassed to be Australian.
Joanne: I just completed the new required online child protection training 'SALT' and this seems to be in direct conflict with the duty of care position we are expected to uphold.
Sue: I agree with everyone here. Our duty to children as the adults is universal. Children belong to us all regardless of where they are from. Our Federal Government is becoming more and more draconian. What is their excuse for so many laws that squash free speech, ignore human rights and reduce people looking for asylum from the most atrocious, dangerous places on earth to not worth protecting. Why?

Post: The IEU's Early Childhood Services Conference is on Saturday, 29 August at the Mercure Hotel, Sydney.

Simone: This might be of interest. It’s a great day.

Post: Highly trained, respected and free: Why Finland’s teachers are different.

Sheena: Hmmm.. working in wrong country
Krystle: I want to move to Finland.